A Review of the It Spinoff “Vice President Pencewise”

Following the remake of It and its sequel It Chapter Two, the TV spinoff couldn’t just be another version of Pennywise roaming the shadows of a small town, so we now find the evil clown in what’s probably the scariest place of all — a position of power.

Our protagonist has stepped directly into the limelight as the vice president of the United States. Having learned the hard way that achieving a high death toll is difficult when working from a sewer, Pennywise cleverly rebranded himself as Mike Pencewise and discovered, first as a lawyer then as a politician, how to spread fear and death without the nuisance of having to chase his victims over a foggy lawn.

Cleverly puppeteering the president (whose IQ appears to be even lower than the number of thin hairs covering the top of his orange scalp), Pencewise weasels his way into becoming the nation’s dedicated virus point man as a pandemic sweeps across the world. With a baffling cocktail of misinformation, thoughts and prayers and a venomous attitude towards small pieces of fabric, Pencewice strings the American people along while accumulating a bodycount that surpasses all the previous movies and books combined.

As the season finale approaches, Pencewise seems to be determined to wreak as much havoc as possible — and cunningly initiates local outbreaks in his and the president’s own personal circles. The press conferences, that were usually a snooze fest, have also gained an extra element of suspense every time Pencewise sneezes in the direction of a critical question.

Ultimately, even with overwhelming evidence of a still surging pandemic, Pencewise and the rest of The White House proclaims to have eradicated the virus in what is a clear attempt to remain in power and continue to pull America into the proverbial sewer.

In true horror fashion, the show, often referred to as a macabre version of House of Cards, has divided viewers since its beginning. Some have even petitioned for its cancellation (especially when it was rumored that airtime was only obtained because of ties with the Russian government), but this virus storyline might just be the element Vice President Pencewise needed to have a chance of getting renewed.

The question is, after having watched the grueling content of season one, does anyone really have the stomach for a season two?

Loves writing about anything dark and disturbing that threatens the well-being of mankind — like Frozen 2 for instance. www.christinaanaya.com @laughterofbones

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